Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric Services

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Counseling and Psychological Services has one psychiatrist who provides psychiatric consultation and medication support to students who are receiving counseling at Counseling and Psychological Services. Students who are not concurrently receiving therapy at Counseling and Psychological Services will be referred to the Campus Health Center or community for psychiatric services as necessary.

Our psychiatrist functions as a consultant to our therapists, to aid in the treatment process. Access to the psychiatrist is only available through internal referrals. Students who require or seek psychiatric services must have ongoing contact with their assigned clinician at Counseling and Psychological Services.

At this time, we are no longer conducting new ADHD assessments.

For more information about psychiatric services or to schedule an initial intake appointment to discuss treatment options, please contact Counseling and Psychological Services at (951) 827-5531.

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All information gathered during the course of counseling can be released only with the student’s written consent.

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