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The Mental Health Allies program is a Health Well-Being and Safety (HWS) organization, Collective Impact Initiative, that is co-led by Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) and The Well.  The program was developed with the desire to create a means to increase community awareness, information and access to mental health support.  Mental Health Allies are community members who regularly share information to their local sphere of influence about mental health activities programs and general information (e.g. department, student group); put on quarterly events (e.g. speakers like Kevin Hines with resource fairs); and work to create an online community/directory of Allies that will be available to campus through our developing webpage. They are in essence ambassadors to mental health awareness at UCR.


The goal of the MH Allies program is to have trained ambassadors across campus who can:

  • Increase awareness of and access to mental health services and programs across campus;
  • Promote and disseminate mental health resources and information to peers and networks; and
  • Plant the seeds of change to create a more accepting and inclusive community in support of mental health and well-being at UCR.


  • "I joined Mental Health Allies to advocate for mental health and to promote positive conversation to get rid of stigma surrounding mental health discussions."
  • "I joined the Mental Health Allies program in order to better understand the needs of my school population. And I've come to understand that a holistic well-being means to address our mental and physical health equally."
  • "I HAVE greatly enjoyed being a part of UCR’s Mental Health Allies Program because this is an important topic that is near to my heart and family."

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