CAPS has moved to the new Student Health and Counseling Center! Our office is located on the second floor. Please check in at second floor reception desk for all CAPS appointments and questions. Call CAPS front desk at 951-827-5531, option 2 for your in-person and virtual scheduling needs.

If you need to speak to a 24/7 Crisis Counselor immediately, please call 951-UCR-TALK or 951-827-5531, option 1.  

Student Mental Health Education efforts are led by Mental Health Educator, Connie Marmolejo. As a key member of UCR's student basic needs, well-being and health promotion department, The Well, Connie works to engage and collaborate with the other UCR mental health experts in Counseling and Psychological Services, Student Affairs Case Management, Student Health Services, and Student Disability Resource Center offices, in order to develop and provide comprehensive student mental health education. Topics include suicide awareness, managing stress, time management, healthy relationships, navigating life transitions, stigma reduction, etc.  Connie also works with a variety of campus partners, tailoring mental health education to meet the needs of specific populations, and sharing existing data on student mental health issues to inform programming.

A critical partner in Student Mental Health Education efforts is the Active Minds Peer Health Education Group.  These dedicated students lead peer outreach efforts, and strive to connect with other UCR students dealing with universal life pressures, including: relationships, body image issues, adjusting to college life, family pressures, and mental health struggles.  This nationally recognized student group is committed to changing the conversation about mental health at UCR by helping students feel their best and removing the stigma surrounding mental health.


Interested in peer support?  Peer groups are a great resource for education, mentorship and making connections. Check below for some peer groups to get involved with!
  • Active Minds at The Well
    Active Minds at The Well

    Active Minds is a student-led, nationally recognized organization with over 400 campus chapters. It is also the largest voice for young adult mental health advocacy across the country. The Active Minds Mental Health Education Peer Program at The Well involves and empowers UCR students to comprehensively and effectively change the conversation on campus about mental health. The program uses a balance of awareness campaigns, educational programs and social events to bring its messages to the campus.

    Find more information about Active Minds by visiting The Well, located in HUB 248, or requesting additional details at

  • Peer-Led Workshops with Active Minds
    Peer-Led Workshops

    Active Minds can bring the program to you, your class, your residence hall or your student group.

    • Nine Dimensions of Wellness: In this 60-minute program, explore wellness from a holistic perspective while learning how UCR’s resources aim to integrate healthy practices into the student experience.
    • Food and Mental Health: Learn how the food you put into your body affects you holistically in this 60-minute Active Minds program.
    • Mental Health Awareness 101: Learn about mental wellness from a holistic perspective, the factors that affect our mental health, and coping skills to maintain and improve it.
    • Time Management: Learn skills to prioritize your time and better organize your school, work and personal life to make them work for you.
    • Sound Asleep: In this 60-minute Active Minds program, learn how the sleep we get affects all aspects of living — attention span, mental health, memory and physical health.
    • Erasing the Stigma: The purpose of this presentation is to understand the discrimination faced by people with mental health issues/disorders and to inspire people to work together to break down the stigma that surrounds mental illness.
    • Treat Yo Self: In this 60-minute interactive program led by Active Minds peers, learn how to manage stress on a tight schedule with a tight budget.

    Find more information about Active Minds Programs/Workshops by visiting The Well, located in HUB 248, or request additional details at

  • Additional Peer Support
    Join a peer group that meets your interests and needs at UCR!

    Our Power of the Peers Network has over 30 peer groups to choose from, that provide spaces for mentorship, education, outreach, social connection and community-building. 

    Find more information about all the peer groups UCR has to offer by visiting The Well, located in HUB 248.