Accessibility and Resource Support

The Student Disability Resource Center

UCR works to ensure that students with disabilities have equal access to educational programs and can fully participate in all aspects of campus life. SDRC is the unit designated to receive requests for accommodations, approve services, and coordinate support for students with disabilities to ensure access to the university's educational programs.

A personal consultation with a Disability Specialist will help us tailor a plan to meet your disability-related needs, based on current functional limitations and any requirements of specific classes. Approval of accommodations is based on disability documentation and meeting with a Disability Specialist.  To learn more, please visit


Student Affairs Case Management

Case Managers help students who are experiencing challenges that impact their personal and/or academic life.  If you’re having multiple issues in your personal, family or academic life we can help you prioritize and develop a plan of action. Often students do not know the many services and resources that are available to them, and Case Managers can help you identify and access these helpful resources.


If you’re having multiple issues in your personal, family or academic life and need help prioritizing and developing a plan of action — we can help.

Parents and Guardians

If you have a concern about your student and don’t know where to start — we can help.

Faculty and Staff

If you are concerned about a student and need resources or assistance with problem solving, determining how to support students, OR to report students of concern — we can help.

Our office is located in Costo Hall, Suite 125.   You can set up an appointment with a Case Manager by calling 951-827-5000 or

Email us at:

Please visit our website for additional information about our services: