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  • What is the UCR JUST IN CASE app?

    This is a FREE App with essential contact information and links for UCR that helps connect you to the right resource for both emergency and non-emergency situations. This App is a wonderful resource addition to UCR students, staff, faculty and parents!

  • How do I add the UCR JUST IN CASE app to my Smartphone Homepage?

    To save the App from your browser to your homepage, start by entering on phone's browser. Then:

    1. iPhone – With the app open in the browser, just touch the share box with arrow at the bottom of the phone screen and confirm “Add to Homescreen.”
    2. Android – While viewing the app, tap the "More" menu (e.g. three dots or three lines at bottom of phone screen) and select “add Shortcut.” On older Android phones, select "Bookmark" and then, in the “Save to” drop down menu, select Homescreen.
    3. Blackberry – On Blackberry, with the app open in the browser, hit the menu or more button (looks like a group of dots), then click on add to home screen.
    4. Windows Phone - With the app open on the screen, tap More (three dots) and then select Pin to Start.
  • What is counseling?

    The words “counseling” and “therapy” are often used interchangeably. What “counseling” basically means is talking with a trained professional about issues related to your mental or emotional health. Through counseling sessions, it’s intended that you will gain a greater understanding of yourself, relieving emotional distress, making desired changes in your life and improving daily functioning and satisfaction. Counseling appointments are typically less than an hour and students usually meet with the same therapist once every one to two weeks, depending on need and availability.

  • Aren't most people who seek counseling 'sick', 'crazy' or 'disturbed'?

    Absolutely not! Students seek counseling for numerous reasons. They may seek counseling to explore personal growth issues in a safe and non-judgmental environment or simply want support to cope and respond to changes in their lives. Whatever the case, seeking counseling is a sign of personal strength.

  • Who is eligible for Counseling and Psychological Services?

    All students who pay a registration fee are eligible for Counseling and Psychological Services. Sometimes other persons important in your life such as spouses, partners, parents, children or friends may be involved in counseling sessions with you. The decision to involve others will be determined by you and your counselor. Faculty and staff who are in crisis may be seen for one session or for a referral to counselors in the community.

  • Do I have to pay a fee for Counseling and Psychological Services?

    Students who are currently enrolled at UCR and have paid registration fees receive core Counseling and Psychological Services free of charge. When clinically indicated, individual sessions beyond the initial eight may be provided and will include USHIP/GSHIP insurance and/or a fee for service options.

    Appointments cancelled less than 24 hours in advance, or missed/no showed appointments, will be counted as one of your allotted sessions and will be charged a Missed appointment fee.

  • What are my counselor's qualifications?

    Counseling and Psychological Services staff is ethnically diverse and composed of licensed psychologists, unlicensed/post-doctoral level clinicians, and pre-doctoral interns completing their counseling or clinical psychology doctoral training.

  • How do I get started seeing a counselor?

    Call (951) 827-5531 or stop by Counseling and Psychological Services. We are located in the Veitch Student Center. The initial appointment usually can be made within a week. Same-day appointments are available in crisis situations.

  • Are my counseling sessions confidential?

    All information gathered during the course of counseling is confidential and can be released only with the student’s written consent, within the limits of the law. Certain situations may dictate that we take steps to ensure your safety and the safety of others. Confidentiality may not be guaranteed for these specific circumstances. Examples include situations involving danger to self or others and child abuse or elder abuse. Your counselor can discuss these issues and other concerns with you in more detail.

  • What is an intake appointment?

    Typically, the first visit to Counseling and Psychological Services is an intake appointment. At an intake appointment, a counselor will evaluate issues that you are concerned with and work with you to determine a course of treatment. Afterward, the counselor will meet with the center’s treatment team (which meets twice a week) to discuss issues relevant to your case including any counselor preferences you may have and the suitability for treatment at Counseling and Psychological Services. Generally, we ask that students call back after the treatment team has met in order to be informed of the appropriate course of treatment. If long-term treatment is necessary, you may be provided with referrals for therapists in the community.

  • What will happen at the initial intake appointment?

    Prior to your initial meeting with a clinician, you will complete demographic information, which allows you to provide information about past and current emotional health. The intake session will be an opportunity for you and a clinician to get to know each other. The clinician will likely ask many questions about you to gain a deeper understanding of your current concerns. The clinician will begin to discuss what treatment options and/or campus resources would be most helpful in addressing your particular circumstances. Be sure to ask questions if you have them, this will help you to get the most out of the therapy relationship from the beginning.

  • Who will be my counselor?

    Your clinician could be a licensed psychologist, an un-licensed postdoctoral clinician (who will be supervised by a licensed psychologist), or a pre-doctoral-level psychological services intern (who is also supervised by a licensed psychologist). The Our Staff page provides brief bios that includes some basic information about our Counseling and Psychological Services staff members. We work hard to accommodate student requests to work with particular clinicians, but cannot guarantee availability.

  • What can I expect from counseling - or from my clinician?

    Counseling and Psychological Services offers comprehensive supportive and clinical care tailored to your needs. You can expect to meet with a trained professional who is interested in listening to you and understanding your concerns so that they may assist you. Your clinician will be familiar with the unique stressors facing UCR students and work collaboratively with you to reduce barriers to achieving academic success and emotional wellbeing. Your clinician will maintain strict confidentiality as required by law (for additional details, review our Confidentiality section).

  • Can I see my counselor as many times as I want?

    Ongoing, intensive care is typically not available at Counseling and Psychological Services, but we can help you determine how to best manage your care. We have a variety of services that can provide support for ongoing treatment that might be needed in addition to what we offer.

  • How do I cancel appointments?

    If you cannot keep a scheduled appointment you must cancel it a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Appointments may be cancelled with the receptionist at (951) 827-5531 or using the secure portal

    Appointments cancelled less than 24 hours in advance, or missed/no-showed appointments will be counted as one of your allotted sessions and you will be charged a missed appointment fee(see Missed/Late Cancelled Appointment Policy). After two consecutive missed appointments you must speak with a Counseling and Psychological Services administrator prior to scheduling another appointment.

  • What are the Missed/No Show appointment fees?

    Due to the high demand for Counseling and Psychological Services and the limited availability of appointments, a Counseling and Psychological Services client who does not show for an intake, counseling session (individual or couples), biofeedback, psychiatry follow-up, or testing appointment will be charged a missed appointment fee of $20 if cancellation is not made within twenty-four hours of the scheduled appointment.

    For initial Psychiatric appointments, missed/late cancelled fees are $40 if cancellation is not made within twenty-four hours of the scheduled appointment.

  • What happens if I'm late for an appointment?

    Our appointments are scheduled for specific time periods (e.g. 45 minutes for individual appointments, 30 minutes for psychiatric follow up visits) to ensure adequate service to our clients. Tardiness to appointments has an adverse impact on client care. Please make every effort to arrive on time for your scheduled appointments.

    Clients who arrive excessively late to an appointment will have their appointments cancelled and will be charged a missed appointment fee.

    Clients who are more than 15 minutes late to counseling (individual or couples), biofeedback, or testing appointments will have their appointments cancelled and will be charged $20 ($40 for psychiatry initial visit).

    Clients who are more than 10 minutes late to psychiatry follow-up visit appointments will have their appointments cancelled and will be charged $20.

    **Please note: Due to the high demand for Counseling and Psychological Services and the limited availability of appointments, clients who repeatedly no-show/late cancel may be referred to a comparable service elsewhere in the community.

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