Consultation and Outreach   

Outreach and Consultation  
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Get help with resources including housing, food, health care and essential educational expenses.
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Helping Through Consultation and Outreach

Counseling and Psychological Services is dedicated to informing, educating and enhancing the knowledge, skills and well-being of the campus community. Our staff provides programs, workshops and presentations on a variety of mental health topics including:

  • Download a brochure for faculty, staff and students
    about the Distressed Student Workshop Series.


Student Wellness Partners

Counseling and Psychological Services has joined The Campus Health Center, Housing, Dining and Residential Services, Dean of Students, International Education Center, Student Recreation Center and The Well to form the Student Wellness Partners. The partners work to create a safe, supportive and connected campus environment and promote healthy minds, bodies and communities. Many of Counseling and Psychological Services's outreach efforts are in collaboration with the Student Wellness Partners.

To schedule an outreach presentation, please visit the Request a Program link provided through the Well's website, or call Counseling and Psychological Services and speak with the outreach coordinator.

The StressBusters Peer Educators

Counseling and Psychological Services is excited to promote stress relief and wellness through its peer educators, the StressBusters! The StressBusters are a special team of UCR students trained in the impact and management of stress.

For more information or to schedule a workshop or presentation from the StressBusters, visit our webpage or contact the StressBusters coordinator at!

Consultation Services

Counseling and Psychological Services also provides individual consultations for faculty, staff, RAs, parents and students. If you have a specific clinical question or consultation question, please call Counseling and Psychological Services at 951-827-5531 during normal business hours. You may also call a counselor, 24 hours, at 951-827-8255.

Did You Know?

Counseling and Psychological Services does not provide academic advising. For academic counseling, call 951-827-3411.
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A Counselor On Duty is available at Counseling and Psychological Services weekdays, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
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All students who pay UCR registration fees are eligible for free Counseling and Psychological Services.
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Counseling and Psychological Services serves as a national test center for the LSAT and PRAXIS.
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Group therapy allows you to connect to others with similar concerns and to listen to shared issues.
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Couples Counseling is available for students and their partners or spouses.
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Counseling and Psychological Services has designed an online guide to help faculty and staff respond to distressed students.
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Counseling and Psychological Services staff includes licensed psychologists, marriage and family counselors, and pre-doctoral interns.
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Counselors are available by phone 24 hours daily by dialing 951-827-5531 or 951-UCR- TALK
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You can take an online assessment right now to see how you're doing emotionally.
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Everything you discuss with a UCR counselor is confidential unless it falls under the legal exceptions.
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Counselors are available for workshops and presentations, including weekly meditation classes.
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