Our Staff   

  • Liz Mondragon

    Elizabeth Mondragon, Psy.D.

    Interim Senior Director Student Health, Counseling and Case Management
    Licensed Psychologist – CA PSY21471

    951-827-5531 | elizabeth.mondragon@ucr.edu

    Dr. Mondragon provides a full range of clinical services including individual, couples, and group therapy in the center; provides outreach and consultation to the campus community; serves as a clinical and administrative supervisor; and is former Assistant Director/Clinical Coordinator.

    As a first-generation college student, Dr. Mondragon has a passion for working in a campus setting, as well as interests in working with individuals who are coping with trauma/sexual assault, or processing their reactions to grief and loss. Dr. Mondragon is dedicated to supporting students through their university experience. She has a variety of clinical interests and enjoys working with UCR's diverse and multiculturally complex community.

    Dr. Mondragon joined Counseling and Psychological Services in 2006 as a full time Counseling Psychologist II, and a former UCR Counseling and Psychological Services psychology intern. Dr. Mondragon received a B.S. in criminology, and her doctorate degree in clinical-community psychology from the University of La Verne.

  • Loretaa Mead

    Loretta Mead, Psy.D

    Interim Director
    Licensed Psychologist - CA PSY24298

    951-827-5531 | loretta.mead@ucr.edu

    Dr. Mead provides individual, couples and group therapy at Counseling and Psychological Services and is also involved in the center's training of psychology interns. while she enjoys working with diverse individuals with a variety of challenges, her particular areas of interest include Latino/Chicano mental health, relational dynamics, loss and grief, identity and self-development, and first-generation college students.

    Dr. Mead joined Counseling and Psychological Services in 2010. She received her master's and doctoral degrees in clinical psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University in Los Angeles.

  • Ted Swigart

    Ted Swigart, Ph.D.

    Assistant Director/Training Director
    Licensed Psychologist – CA PSY19842

    951-827-5531; ted.swigart@ucr.edu

    Dr. Swigart has been at UCR since 2006. He has a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Memphis and is Training Director for our APA accredited doctoral internship in psychology. His areas of interest include supervsion and training, adjustment and developmental concerns, assessment, brief psychotherapy, depression, anxiety, graduate students and student veterans. He completed his doctoral internship at Indiana University Counseling and Psychological Services, and completed postdoctoral training at Humboldt State University Counseling and Psychological Services.

  • Lee Stillerman

    Lee Stillerman, Ph.D.

    Interim Assistant Director/Clinical Director
    Licensed Psychologist, CA PSY21971

    951-827-5531  | lee.stillerman@ucr.edu

    Dr. Stillerman spends most of his time providing brief individual counseling. He also coordinates the group therapy program and is actively involved in Counseling and Psychological Services' training and supervision program.

    Dr. Stillerman has worked at UCR since 2009. The majority of his clinical experiences have been in college mental health. He has extensive training in multicultural competencies and enjoys working with diverse orientations, cultures and worldviews. Before UCR, Dr. Stillerman worked at counseling centers at New Mexico State University, the University of Hawaii, Boston College, CSU Long Beach and UCLA. He earned his Master's degree in counseling psychology from Marist College in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., and his Ph.D. from New Mexico State University.

  • Elika Abtahi

    Elika Abtahi, Psy.D.

    Counseling Psychologist II
    Licensed Psychologist - CA PSY25106

    951-827-5531 |elika.abtahi@ucr.edu

    Dr. Abtahi provides individual and couples counseling, crisis intervention, outreach, and training. She enjoys working with students from diverse backgrounds and has a wide range of clinical interests including relational dynamics, identity exploration and development, multicultural issues, and trauma. She hopes to support and empower individuals while promoting personal growth.

  • Larry Carter

    Larry Carter, Ph.D.

    Counseling Psychologist III
    Licensed Psychologist - CA PSY25625

    951-827-5531 |larry.carter@ucr.edu

    Dr. Carter views therapy as a dynamic and interactive process, integrating relational-cultural therapy, cognitive, and behavioral approaches. This integrative approach emphasizes the relational nature of therapy and the important role that culture plays in how we define ourselves and relate to one another. It also supports the development of a strong working alliance in which clients can begin to challenge existing patterns of thought and practice new ways of relating to self and others. Dr. Carter provides individual, couple, and group psychotherapy, and works with the full range of mental health concerns, but has specific training and interest in issues related to Multiculturalism, LGBTQIA issues, and Disordered Eating/Body Image. Dr. Carter holds a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology. He is a certified Treatment Specialist for Diverse Populations (AATBS, 2014), and is working toward certification as a Specialist in Eating and weight Disorders (UC Berkeley).

  • Shawn Silverstein

    Shawn Silverstein, Ph.D.

    Counseling Psychologist lll
    Licensed Psychologist-CA PSY#26562

    (951) 827-5531 | Shawn.silverstein@ucr.edu

    Dr. Silverstein provides a wide range of clinical services at UCR CAPS including individual, couples and group therapy; and provides consultation and outreach to various groups and organizations that are part of the UCR campus community. Dr. Silverstein is passionate about the clinical work that he does with his students, and specializes in issues such as relationship satisfaction and relationship break-ups, domestic violence, trauma and sexual assault, stage of life transitions, homesickness and family of origin issues. Dr. Silverstein also has a particular interest in working with student military veterans.

    Dr. Silverstein has worked at UCR since 2015. Dr. Silverstein has extensive training and experience working with college students both clinically and academically as he previously worked as an Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Prior to joining the CAPS staff here at UCR, Dr. Silverstein completed a two year externship at UCLA’s NPI Anxiety Disorders Clinic, and completed a full-time pre-doctoral internship at the student counseling center at Cal Poly Pomona, and completed a full-time post-doctoral fellowship at the student counseling center at Humboldt State University. He earned a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pepperdine University, and another Master’s degree and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Health Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology in Los Angeles.

  • Andrea

    Andrea Saavedra-Metoyer, LMFT.

    Counseling Psychologist lll
    Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist- CA LMFT 53924

    (951) 827-5531 | andrea.saavedra-metoyer@ucr.edu

    Andrea Saavedra-Metoyer, LMFT, provides a full range of clinical services at CAPS including individuals, couples, and group therapy. Her approach to treatment varies to meet the needs of clients. Her background in treatment consists of cognitive behavioral therapy, family systems, and feminist theory. She provides outreach and consultation to the campus community, as well as collaborating with other departments in efforts to increase awareness of mental health issues and services.

    As a first-generation college student and a child of immigrants, she has a passion for working in a campus setting, as well as interests in working with individuals who are living in a bicultural atmosphere. She has extensive experience working with victims of trauma, sexual abuse/assault, and helping individuals with anxiety and depressive disorders. She has a great passion working for the college community and helping UCR students manage the challenges that come with college life.

    She joined Counseling and Psychological Services in 2016 as a full-time clinician. Prior to UCR, she provided therapy in a community mental health setting. She received a B.A. in Psychology at Azusa Pacific University and her M.S. at University of La Verne

  • Farid

    Farid Azhir, LMFT

    Counseling Psychologist III
    Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist- CA LMFT 48161

    (951) 827-5531 | farid.azhir@ucr.edu

    Farid Azhir, LMFT loves nature and enjoys learning about different cultures. He believes nature influences culture and culture influences our perspective. This perspective then filters our thoughts and, our thoughts cradle our feelings, our relationships, and our lives.

    Farid Azhir joined Counseling and Psychological Services in 2015. Prior to joining UCR, he had the privilege to serve K-12 students and their families who required a variety of mental health services. His passion for exploring the influence of cultures and how it impacts therapy has taken him to five continents around the world. He immersed himself in cultural experiences that at first glance did not seem alike, however became a firm believer that a nonjudgmental deeper view reveals credulous simplicity of the very fabric that tightly bounds us together “Love & Respect."

    Prior to earning his Master's degree in counseling at California State University Fullerton, Farid Azhir also received a B.S. in kinesiology with an emphasis on physiology of exercise. During his research which was to investigate the impact of physiological changes on weight control exercises. He gravitated towards undeniably power of psychological constructs to maintain a healthy life style, that's when he decided to focus his graduate study in the area of psychotherapy and his journey continues to enrich his enthusiasm in everlasting learning and how to serve others humbly and sincerely.

  • Camila

    Camilla Williams, Ph.D.

    Counseling Psychologist III
    Licensed Psychologist – CA PSY 27200

    (951) 827-5531 |camilla.williams@ucr.edu

    Dr. Williams provides individual, couples, and group therapy to students with a broad range of concerns. Her interests include working with first-generation college students, identity exploration and development (including sexual/gender, spiritual, career, and relationships), grief and loss, women’s issues, diversity and empowerment, and training/supervision.

    She received her undergraduate degrees (B.S. in Psychology and B.A. in French) from Kansas State University and her M.A. and Ph.D. in Psychology at Michigan State University.  She has worked in college and university counseling centers in Michigan, Colorado, Massachusetts, Mississippi, and California. 

  • Jennifer

    Jennifer Hung, Psy.D.

    Counseling Psychologist III
    Licensed Psychologist – CA PSY 21949

    (951) 827-5531 | jennifer.hung@ucr.edu

    Dr. Hung joined the Counseling Center in 2008 and worked as a full-time counseling psychologist until 2013. Since August, 2016, Dr. Hung rejoined the center as a part-time counseling psychologist. She received her doctorate in clinical-community psychology at the University of La Verne. As a counseling psychologist, she provides individual, couples and group therapy. She is also a clinical supervisor in the pre-doctoral internship training program. She often collaborates with other on-campus cultural/gender offices to facilitate different mental health outreach programs.

    Dr. Hung has a particular interest in women’s issues, Asian Pacific Islander concerns, immigration, acculturation and identity issues. She is open to working with diverse students on campus and is a support and advocate during their time at UCR

  • Sara Pemberton

    Sarah Pemberton MSW, LCSW
    Licensed Clinical Social Worker - CA LCS 25339

    (951) 827-5531 |

    Sarah Pemberton is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and she provides individual, couples and group therapy at Counseling and Psychological Services, as well as collaborates with campus partners to support the mental health and wellbeing of the UCR campus.

    Sarah was born and raised in Southern California and studies psychology at Scripps College and received her Master's Degree in Social Welfare with a focus on mental health from UCLA in 2004.

    Sarah began working at UCR in 2008 as the Case Manager in the Dean of Students Office and began working in Counseling and Psychological Services in 2012. She has a diverse background of experience after spending 6 years as a therapist in outpatient mental health clinics in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, before coming to UCR.

    While she enjoys working with individuals and a variety of challenges, her particular areas of interest include developing healthy relationships, identity development, grief and loss, as well as first generation college students. Sarah is passionate about working in a helping field, especially with college students

  • Jorge Chavez

    Jorge Chavez, M.A.
    Psychology Intern

    (951) 827-5531 | jorge.chavez@ucr.edu

    Jorge is a psychology intern completing his Ph.D in Clinical Psychology at Long Island University – Brooklyn Campus, where he also completed his Masters of Arts in Clinical Psychology. Prior to attending LIU, Jorge obtained a terminal masters from Columbia University in Clinical Psychology. He has experience working at a university counseling center and working with individuals from diverse backgrounds presenting with a wide range of concerns, including anxiety, issues of identity, stigma and self-esteem. Jorge also has experience working in in-patient units, community mental health centers, as well as an out-patient HIV clinic. Jorge’s style of therapy is both practical and approachable, believing that every person is the author of their own journey, he strives to have the client feel empowered and understood, but also challenged and fulfilled.  

  • Noel Clark

    Noel Clark
    Psychology Intern

    (951)-827-5531 | noel.clark@ucr.edu

    Noël Clark is a doctoral intern at UCR CAPS. She is currently completing her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Seattle Pacific University, where she also completed a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology. She has clinical experience working with a variety of individuals in college counseling centers, hospitals and community mental health settings as well as providing psychological first aid as part of local and international relief efforts. She receives supervision from licensed clinical psychologists at the counseling center.

    Noël is strongly committed to multicultural competency and to promoting values of social justice through the work she does supporting our diverse and culturally rich student body. She works with students who have concerns related to depression, anxiety, shame, relationships, gender or sexuality issues, substance use, or who are struggling to make sense of past abuse or trauma. Whether you are a freshman in your first quarter or finishing your doctoral dissertation, school can be incredibly stressful, yet it can also be a growth-filled, rewarding time in your life. Noël is passionate about promoting health and wellness, and providing each student with support and resources to successfully navigate life’s challenges and to live more fully as the person they want to be within the world. Noël is looking forward to meeting you and hearing your story!

  • Huan-Hsiang Ueng

    Huan-Hsiang Ueng MSW, LCSW
    Psychology Intern

    (951)-827-5531 | huan-hsiang.ueng@ucr.edu

    Huan-Hsiang is a psychology intern completing his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology at the University of Memphis. He has experience working with a variety of individuals in diverse clinical settings, including university counseling centers, community mental health, family center, and psychiatric hospital. Huan-Hsiang is passionate about helping undergraduate and graduate students struggling with a wide range of concerns, including anxiety, depression, adjustment issues, identity development, grief and loss, interpersonal relationships, family of origin issues, homesickness, domestic violence, sexual assault and trauma. Huan-Hsiang also has a particular interest in issues of gender identity and sexual orientation.

    Within a broad humanistic perspective, Huan-Hsiang’s approach of working with clients is typically influenced by the integrative concepts of existential philosophy, constructivism, and emotion focused therapy. He believes that people are capable of building their own strengths to make positive changes for themselves and he works collaboratively with clients to identify coping strategies as well as to develop skills that are adaptable to each client’s needs.

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